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We are a team dedicated to bringing unprecedented entertainment at the utmost convenience to our clients. We at Trickavu understand that every client have varying needs therefore we are committed to ensure that these needs are fulfilled through our unique methods. These services that we offer are in the form of Virtual Reality experiences where we specialise in concocting and constructing our operations in temporary and permanent physical spaces to showcase immersive and show-stopping Virtual Reality contents.

Why VR Entertainment for Events?

VR games have been proven by many as the most important technological break since the mobile phone era, because it proposes multiple immersive experiences to create an edge in the provision of entertainment. Thanks to the creation of these VR Games, it is possible to project an user in a entirely different and immersive 3D universe where users can interact with the environment therefore bringing not only as a show stopper but also educational benefits.


To give real service we must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.


Looking to enhance your event with the VR technology? Our team will guide you on how Virtual Reality can work for your upcoming events.

Game Choice

No matter what your theme is, we have a range of Virtual Reality games that will be suitable for your events!


We assist to plan out the required playing area as well as safety precaution for your events.​


There is no such thing as good enough, Our team, and our best equipment must be the best. That is how we win our client’s heart.


Professional-grade virtual reality for the most demanding experiences. VIVE Pro brings the next generation of room and event-scale VR

VR Ready Computer

These PCs are built for high-performance virtual reality to ensure smooth gaming.

55" - 4K TV Display

Enjoy big screens and realistic front row action for the audience, even in small spaces.

Why choose us?

Best service

To us, Safety and Service Quality are our utmost importance. We are not just a VR equipment rental company but we are a VR equipment services rental company. Willingness to help clients and provide prompt service, ability to perform the promised service dependably and accurately.

Vast Experience

We have proven to be one of the most reliable VR rental services company in Singapore. Having worked with many established and well-known companies such as P&G, People’s Association, Health Sciences Authority, JTC, Singapore Science Centre, CDAC, NTUC Club, SAFRA, SMU, and many other event coordinators, we can do any sorts of events no matter the terrain or harsh conditions. We recently done an event on a SAND TERRAIN!

fuss free

If you select us, you WILL NOT have to worry about manpower or logistics. We run everything, all you need to do, is just provide the electrical power points and tables!

Why our clients loves us?

Raymond Koh
Raymond KohCo-founder - BIILT PC
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Fantastic VR team! Happen to chance upon their VR set-up at Sentosa and their service and management was impeccable. Fantastic overall experience, highly recommended!
AXA - Insurance agent
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You guys are awesome! Everyone enjoyed the game! Hope we can work together again soon.
Caleb & Fu Zhong
Caleb & Fu Zhong
CDC - Programmes manager
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Trickavu's participation in Silver Parade 2019 has been an eye opener for more than 2500 seniors and their families. I was the first time many of the seniors has encountered Virtual Reality. Many of them also feedback after they experienced the plank game that they felt quite proud of themselves. It also increased their self of efficacy because they never knew they could conquer fear of heights, to complete the full walk. Besides that, Gerald and Patrick are extremely helpful and patient with the seniors. Will highly recommend their service!
Reshmi Suresh
Reshmi Suresh
Senior Marketing Executive at Venuerific
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"It was great working with Patrick and team for our 6th Anniversary Party. Being it a Bohemian Rhapsody Party, Trickavu's Beat Saber complemented perfectly to the type of entertainment we were expecting to have at the party. I would highly recommend engaging them for corporate events to give guests a one of a kind experience. Thank you for being one of our rocking partners for our party."
Founder - Instafoodsg
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Hi Trickavu! Thank you so much for being a part of Instafoodsg's first Instafood Fiesta! Your VR really attracted a lot of crowd and many of them had so much fun and enjoyed themselves! It was really a great addition to the whole food fiesta and we look forward to having you at our next event and trying out all your games! As you guys said, the possibilities are virtually endless!
Evelyn Tok
Evelyn Tok
Co-Founder - W-Market Singapore
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The first opportunity I had to work together with Trickavu was at Gardens by the Bay, during the Neon Jungle event held from 19th to 21st of October 2018. The VR games provided were not only fun and interactive for the crowd, whether young or old, but also to the crowds walking by, pausing to watch as well! The effort put in was evident through the setup and knowledge they had, and also passion they have shown to bring VR gaming to the masses for everyone to enjoy. It's been a pleasant experience working with Gerald and Patrick and I look forward to working together again in the near future!
Debbie Sun
Debbie Sun
Deputy Laboratory Director - Health Sciences Authority
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We requested for Trickavu to showcase a VR surgery game during one of our company’s internal events, and the response was overwhelming!
Ada Ang
Ada Ang
Manager, Educational Projects - Duck Learning
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Great collaboration with the Trickavu team! Trickavu not only provides an engaging VR experience but also an impeccable service and all our visitors love it! Will highly recommend them to anyone hosting events and parties! Great job team, kudos!
Workshop Technician - The Hive Lavender
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I met the TrickAVu team when they were participating in the Meet the Makers 2018 event held at the Hive Lavender, and I was thoroughly impressed! Would highly recommend this to anyone hosting a co-workers' or friends' party!
Ean Cheong
Ean Cheong
Founder - LÉLE Bakery
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" Great experience! As much as I'm not a gamer. I love how the system are structured to bring people together as one. Recommend this for any parties or house warming! Definitely would be back for more! Good job! "
Marcus Ong
Marcus Ong
Co-Founder - PESTGo Cleaning
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" Very fun and engaging! Recommended for any form of parties and events. "
Birthday Boy - 21st Birthday party
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" It's a real joy and a must-have for a party!! Not only does it bring fun to the ones playing, but to those watching as well! It's hours and hours of non-stop action for everyone around.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Virtual Reality is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using a headset and/or controllers.

When you make a booking with us, we will set up the equipment based on your required amount of time. Our Game masters will be present throughout the entire duration to ensure safety, and to guide you with the controls. All these are to ensure that you have a great time!

That would not be a problem. If we have no booking after you, we will extend and quote you accordingly.

We use the HTC Vive Pro headsets, which are of the highest quality headsets currently available in the market. We also provide you with high quality headphones so you can get the full immersive experience.

Our equipment are wiped and disinfected after each player with anti-bacterial wipes to ensure the prevention of germs, and to keep the headsets fresh and clean for everyone to use.

If you are under the age of 13 you need to be accompanied by an adult to use the headsets.

Yes there is! Give us a call and we will walk you through our list of co-op games available for your selection.

We do not have a shop because we believe in bringing entertainment to your doorstep. Be it at an event outdoors, or even a corporate event indoors, we do it all! Alternatively, if you feel the need to visit a shop, you can always visit us at AxeFactor. Our VR sets are located there too!

We provide ad-hoc services as well. We seek to enhance a shop’s product or services with our Virtual Reality entertainment. It has been proven to attract a bigger crowd! Do contact us for more information on the packages that we are providing.

The equipment provided to you for the ad-hoc service has lifetime warranty under Trickavu. The system will be maintained and updated twice a month on the norm, as and when if rectification is required. You may head down to Axefactor to check out our VR ad-hoc service or you can take a look at the video here.

As mentioned, we seek to enhance your location with our Virtual Reality entertainment, therefore we will firstly discuss on how we could implement this service at your location. Secondly, the charges will be mutually discussed and agreed upon as there are various options to consider.

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